BLUFF, UT. One Day Adventure May 2, 2017 BLUFF, UT. One Day Adventure May 2, 2017 Bluff Fort Bluff Fort, our first stop after having breakfast in Shiprock at McDonalds. 204001405 Bluff Fort The Visitor's Center. We were shown three different films of the expedition to Bluff and of the settlement of Bluff. 204001406 Bluff Fort The Water Wheel 204001407 Bluff Fort 204001408 Bluff Fort The Fort. 204001409 CemeteryHill Lizard Sunning 204001410 Cemetery Hill Lizards were loving the nice weather as well. 204001411 Twin Rocks Trading Post 204001412 Wild Rose Bush Reminded me of my childhood. I didn't take a photo of our picnic but it was under this tree. 204001413 The Goosenecks State Pak 204001414 The Goosenecks Amazing 204001415 The Goosenecks Beautiful Scenery 204001417 The Goosenecks 204001418 Catus in Bloom Catus in bloom just around the corner of the trading post. 204001419 Bridge at Mexican Hat San Juan River 204001420 Trading Post 204001421 Olde Bridge Grill One of the tenant's in the park manages this cafe. We stopped in to say hi but she was gone that day.:( 204001422 Monument Valley, Uhat 204001423 Goulding's Old Trading Post 204001425 Goulding's Old Trading Post Be sure and go inside. 204001426 Monument Valley, Ut 204001427 Wide open Vista Almost home 204001428